Back pain, foot issues, hand numbness, and saddle sores are common reasons cyclists will schedule a bike fit. No matter your ability level, you should never let nagging discomfort keep you from enjoying your bike rides. We will discuss the causes of cycling discomfort with your bike fit.



Saddle position

Saddle position and type of saddle you use on your bike can be a source of back pain as the saddle’s function is to support the hips. Depending on the type of bike you are riding (road, mountain bike, triathlon), where you sit on the saddle will vary. If you are on an enduro bike, you’ll be sitting farther back vs a triathlon bike where you’ll be sitting farther forward. There are degrees of rotation and a lot of saddle options out there that will give you the ideal saddle position.


Poor riding posture

The majority of cyclists have poor riding posture and have never been shown how to correctly sit on their saddle. If the hip is not supported then issues such as back pain can emerge when there is a breakdown in the cyclist’s posture. During our bike fitting, we work on helping the athlete achieve their optimal posture and sometimes break bad posture habits.

Bar too high/ or too low

The handlebar position can create issues with discomfort on the bike from it either being too high or too low. One common assumption people make is that a lower handlebar is too “aggressive”. A lower handlebar, depending on the rider, can allow that pelvis rotation to occur and depending on the rider, allow more core engagement and take pressure off the back, shoulders, wrists, hands and create more power to the pedals. For other riders, raising the handlebar can create that optimal pelvic rotation and take pressure off the back. Again, every rider is different and the type of riding you are doing is important when determining the appropriate handlebar height.



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About Aaron Ross:

Aaron has 20+ years in the cycling industry with 12+ years as a master bike fitter. For 5-years he was the director of technology and general manager of the FASTER wind tunnel in Scottsdale. Aaron has extensive technical experience in aerodynamics and biomechanics and has worked with many Olympians, world champions, and Tour de France riders. Currently, Aaron lives in Laramie, WY with his wife, two young daughters, and three border collies. He is busy fitting athletes in the Link Cycling Lab and virtually and consulting cycling brands on product development. Aaron has cycled all over Europe, was a Cat 2 Road and Cyclocross Racer and Pro Level Mountain Biker. He now enjoys riding a fixie, teaching his girls to ride, and taking adventures on his dirt bike.