Step 1:

After you purchase your fit, you will get an email with detailed instructions on what to do and this is where we will schedule a time for your fit. You will work directly with our founder and master bike fitter, Aaron Ross! You can read more about Aaron here.

Step 2:

Before your fit appointment, you will take videos of your bike position while riding your bike on a trainer using your phone or another video recording device and email them to Aaron. Aaron will do a detailed analysis of your fit using Dartfish Software and send you a link where you can review his notes.

Step 3:

Your bike fit is a virtual video meeting where you work directly with Aaron Ross. Be sure to have:

  • Your bike on the trainer
  • Tight Fitting Cycling Kit
  • Level
  • Metric Tape Measure
  • Bike Tools to Adjust Bike Position
  • Allen Keys, Torque Wrench, Torque Keys, ect.
  • Video Recording Device (iPhone or Android Device Will Work)
During your fit appointment, and before we begin moving things around on your bike or taking any videos we will have a discussion about your current bike set up, injury history, what kind of riding, past/current/future training schedule, and upcoming races/rides. We will continue the discussion during the bike fit as changes that are made to your bike setup can have an impact, and the body and mind may require some time for the adaption. During our virtual bike fit appointment, we will walk you through how to make any recommended changes to your bike or cleats.


Step 4:

After your first fit appointment and you have had some time to ride with your fit changes, we will schedule 2 follow-up video sessions. It can take time for the body to adapt to new changes and each person is unique - so we take steps to make sure you can adapt and have success with your new fit adjustments.

Lastly, we want you to be successful, so we are always here to support our clients. 




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