Expert Bike Mechanic Services in Laramie

As a full service bike shop, we offer expert bike mechanic and repair services from changing flat tires, dropper rebuilds, to chain replacements, tubeless set-up, and comprehensive tune-ups.

When you bring your bike into Link Cycling, we take the time to educate our clients on proper bike maintenance so you can extend the longevity of your equipment.

We offer a 24-48 hour turn-around time for labor, depending on if special parts are needed. Schedule labor today!

Bicycle Tune Up Packages

Tune Up Package #1 : $60

-Clean bike-includes a wipe-down

-Adjust brakes

-Adjust gears

-Adjust headset, hubs, and bottom bracket as needed

-Lube chain 

-Safety check all parts and note of wear and tear or future potential problems

*Installation of additional parts will incur additional labor charges

Tune Up Package #2: $100

-Everything from #1

-Drivetrain (chain, cassette, and chainrings are removed) and cleaned using an ultrasonic parts wash

-true wheels

-Rear derailleur hanger is straightened (if needed) 

-All major nuts and bolts are re-greased and torqued

*Installation of additional parts will incur additional labor charges

Tune Up Package #3: $200

-Everything from #1 and #2 tune ups

-Includes install of new cable and housing/or hydraulic bleed (internal cable install included)

-Installation of most new components is included

*Does not include the purchase of product

A La Carte Bicycle Service

Tubular Tires clean rim install: $60 per wheel (not including tire or glue)

-Two layers of glue on tire and rim

-Additional $20 per wheel if rim is dirty and old glue needs to be removed

Tubeless tire conversion: $15 per wheel plus parts
Tubeless wheel recharge: $5 per wheel plus sealant and parts
Adjust shifting: $15
Adjust brakes: $15
Wheel true: $10 ~ $30 depends on wheel
Bearing adjustments: $5 ~ $35

-Headset, bottom bracket, hub, suspension linkage, etc

Ebike tire/tube change: $10~$45 depending on ebike model
Brake Bleed: $25 per brake
Bike Build on New Bike: $120
Bike Build - Shipping Bike to Laramie: $70

If you are shipping your bike to Laramie, we can reassemble your bike.

Install & Bleed New Dropper: $80
Dropper Bleed: $25
Suspension Services

We offer full suspension services.

Packing Bike for Airport Travel: $80

We also offer a loaner EVOC XL travel bag. Contact us to reserve the bag.

E-Bike Services

We are Bosch eBike Systems Certified and can help you with any of your e-bike service needs.

Custom Things

We do custom things on bicycles and motos (dirt bikes, enduro, and dual sport). Let us know what you are dreaming up and we will see how we can make it a reality. Pricing will depend on the custom project.

Some of the custom projects we have done include: working with para cyclists.

Dirt Bike, Enduro, & Dual Sport Services

Suspension Rebuild for WP AER or Open Chamber forks: $120

- $30 for oil, *If there is a specific oil you are wanting to use let us know. We will try to accommodate (price may vary depending on brand)

- $65 for hi-performance SKF seals. ($65 only includes one leg dust and oil seal) 

-Prior to fork disassembly all settings will be recorded. This insures the fork is rebuilt back to current configuration

-Link will only use high quality synthetic oils. 

Tire change, Tube or Tubliss only for dirt bikes or enduro motorbikes only
Tube tire change: $30 wheel off bike, $60 wheel on bike

-Does not include tube, tire, or small parts

-Wheel will be inspected during the tire changing process

*Does not include wheel balancing

Tubliss tire change: $45 wheel off bike

-Wheel and tubliss system will be inspected during tire change process

*Does not include new tire 

Tubliss conversion: $60

*Does not include parts