Thoughtful and Patient

I had a great experience with my bike fit - Aaron was thoughtful, patient, and knew what he was talking about. We had a few sessions to dial everything in and my bike felt great during my last race and even during long ride training sessions! :) Thanks, Aaron!!!

-Mo Miller

More Comfort & Efficiency

A recent purchase of a new bike meant it was time for a check-up on my bike fit. Traditionally I had used area fitters but given the challenges of meeting in person during the pandemic, I opted to work with Aaron Ross. Aaron was able to walk me through several areas that needed to be addressed. It was an iterative process that allowed my body to adapt to these new positions. The net result was a more comfortable and efficient pedaling stroke that provided for a faster riding and bike handling. It was a collaborative effort that gave a great result. We are now on mountain and fat bike fits.

-Jamie Cook

Highly Recommended!

I initially had a fit w Aaron in 2017. I had since lost touch but seeked him out as I had yet to put out the type of power I did back in 2017. I got on my trainer, sent him some videos, and he gave me the appropriate feedback within days. He also watched me live and adjusted my cleats. All of this and several follow up discussions, texts, and adjustments were included. Definitely worth it and I highly recommend with zero reservations whatsoever! Thanks Aaron!!

-Rama Kuchipudi