Let's talk about electronic shifting.



Some great features of electronic shifting over mechanical are:


It's just a tap of the button to shift. This could be a great option if you're someone who has a hard time reaching the shifter, has arthritis, or wants ease of shifting in a long endurance mountain biking event (when your hands can get fatigued).


Electronic shifting is very reliable. It's extremely accurate when you shift, and over time, you don't have the stretching of your cables, which can cause gears to skip in mechanical shifting.


People often ask about battery failure. Some people like to carry an extra battery on them. But, be reassured that the battery life is quite a few rides, depending on how often you ride. As long as you keep it charged, battery failure is rare.


The other cool feature is if you use a bike computer or a Garmin device, you can actually see what gears you're in on your bike computer display. 


I was always skeptical of getting into electronic shifting but since I've ridden it, I really like it and I think if you tried it out you would too. 


There are many other reasons why electronic shifting is a great upgrade to your bike! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at Link Cycling.