Why you would want to ride an e-bike? 

There's no shame in having an e-bike! You can ride one no matter your age, and if you're limited on time to train and don't have the fitness level, having an e-bike is a great way to get on a bike without feeling like you're going to have a heart attack. Riding should be enjoyable, so having battery assistance can go a long way in making your rides more fun!


The Cervelo Rouvida is set up so you can adjust it to be more like a road bike geometry or a gravel position, which means it's a little more relaxed. Depending on where you're riding, you can use road or gravel tires. 


The Rouvida is a class 3 e-bike with a 430-watt-hour battery and three different modes. You can go at a casual pace or click it up to go faster with more assistance (28mph max), which is a lot of fun!


The top tube also has a charging port for your phone, bike computer, or lights. 


If you have questions regarding the Rouvida or want to check it out, come visit us at Link Cycling.