If you own a Garmin Computer or Watch, did you know your device might have a built-in emergency contact alert feature?



If you crash on your bike or fall, the device will detect an emergency and send a message to the person listed as your emergency contact. 



Last week, my husband Aaron crashed on his mountain bike, and this was the message I received from Garmin:


When I clicked the link, it sent me to his location on the trail. Fortunately, he was riding with a friend and was ok. His helmet did the job of cracking to reduce the impact on his head.


Some activities cannot use this feature. Your particular device will let you know which activities it can detect or not detect. 


Here's how to set it up:

To set up this emergency contact notification feature, go into your Garmin Connect account, go into settings or "more," and then click on "Safety and Tracking" and "Safety Features," and it will prompt you to set up your emergency contacts. Make sure to sync your device with your Garmin Connect account!


If you have any questions or need assistance, remember that we're here for you. 


Feel free to refer to your Garmin device owner's manual or contact us at Link Cycling for help!


Be safe out there, and have a great ride!