Link Cycling Hill Climb is a mountain bike and trail running event in Laramie, WY.

August 27th, 2022

Join us for our first inaugural Link Cycling Hill Climb - Pilot Hill on August 27th, 2022! We will be holding a mountain bike hill climb event and a running race!

Proceeds from the race will be donated back to the Pilot Hill Organization!

Mountain Bike Hill Climb

The cyclists will have a mass start time trial at 8:00am near the parking area of Willett Dr and make their way up to the top of Pilot Hill using Trail 10, finishing before the intersection to the towers. After finishing the race, the riders will be directed down Pilot Hill, back to the start via a different route than they came up. The downhill portion is not a timed event of this race.


Distance: 7 miles

Total Ascent: 1,338 ft

Bike Categories

Male Open

Female Open


Just for Fun!

13 Mile Running Race

The runners will be racing at 9am, to the top of Pilot Hill and back down. They will be competing for the Mountain Goat and the overall awards.

The running event starts one hour after the mountain bike race so as to make sure the mountain bikers will not be in the way of the runners charging up!

Running Course:

Distance: 13.37 miles

Total Ascent: 1,406 ft

Running Categories

Male Open

Female Open


Just for Fun!

Additional Awards:

Male Mountain Goat (first to the top)

Female Mountain Goat (first to the top)

Non-Binary Mountain Goat (first to the top)

Running Course Map

Runners will race 13.37 miles to the top of Pilot Hill and back down to the start (near Willett Dr.)

Mountain Bikers will have a 7 mile time trial race to the top of Pilot Hill.


If you have any questions or want to sign up to volunteer, email