Virtual Bike Fit


World class bike fitting from the comfort of your home.

Through a scientific, results-driven, and individualized approach to bike fitting, we help performance-driven triathletes and cyclists get off the rollercoaster of nagging pain, discomfort, muscle imbalances to break through to your peak performance. Book a free consultation to identify your unique hurdles and see how an optimized bike fit can help you have your best season.



The Wyoming Wind Tunnel offers state of the art virtual bike fitting services for amateurs to professional cyclists and triathletes. Our team has over a decade of providing professional fits for athletes ranging from World Champions to age groupers and can work with each person’s unique set of challenges.



Before we begin moving things around on your bike or taking any videos we will have a discussion about your current bike set up, injury history, what kind of riding, past/current/future training schedule, and upcoming races/rides. We will continue the discussion during the bike fit as changes that are made to your bike set up can have an impact, and the body and mind may require some time for the adaption.


The first fit session will take about 1-1.25 hours. We will have 2 follow ups each taking about 20-30min.




  • Tight Fitting Cycling Kit
  • Level
  • Metric Tape Measure
  • Bike Tools to Adjust Bike Position
  • Allen Keys, Torque Wrench, Torque Keys, ect.
  • Video Recording Device (iPhone or Android Device Will Work)


Have a video recording device ready to go so you can send videos. We will be taking videos from 3 different locations during the bike fit, so be prepared to move your recording device around during the fit.

The 3 different recording position are on left and right sides of the hips and in the front, facing your handlebars. The height of your recording device must be at hip height for all 3 locations.